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"My doctor prescribed a medicine for me called Carafate (1gm/10ml). My insurance company’s non-formulary prescription cost was $173.57. My Liberty Rx cost was $59.23! That’s a monthly savings of $114.34 (193%)! For only $29.95 per month, we save over $3000 annually." George: Executive, Indiana

I saved 73%

"My sons Welbutrin XL, 300 mg at Walgreens cost $446.49 and with the Home Delivery, it only cost me $118, a savings of $328.49! Thank you Liberty!" Rich: Sales Executive, Indiana

We save over $3000

"My son’s doctor wrote out a prescription for the brand name drug called Vibramycin for $422.30, 90 days. Using the internet drug search I was able to ask about alternative drugs which ended up only costing us $14.85! I saved over $400." Betty: Retired, Florida

Our Medicare D went
from $1285 to $281

"The Liberty Rx plan has been a God-send to me! I take a dozen or so different medicines to keep my condition stable. I had been paying $1285 a month through a Medicare D plan. Now my monthly prescriptions went from $1,285 to $281! If I hadn't seen it myself I wouldn't have believed it! This is the best kept secret in America! Thank you Liberty RX!" T.H., Retired, Florida